Permanent Installations

The AVL Environments approach to design is based on two components: a comprehensive needs analysis and people.

Each system we design and install is based on face to face time with the client determining how technology can be leveraged to engage people in the desired manner, whether that’s an immersive auditorium environment employing theatrical lighting, full sound, and engaging video or a corporate board room streamlined for effective, distraction free, communication. The goal of AVL Environments is to help an organization effectively leverage the constantly changing landscape of audio, video, and lighting technologies to meet the goals of the organization. We collaborate with you to help maximize the results.

The value of any technological system is based on how that system interacts with people. That’s true for cell phones, web sites, control systems, AVL systems, all technology. Our systems are designed and integrated with that reality as a priority. So, you won’t find a long list of AVL equipment we sell or a guarantee that we’ll beat the lowest price out there, just a promise that our systems will work and when technology fails we’ll be here to back you up. Training is a key component to having positive interactions with technological systems so all of our systems sold include some basic training to ensure you’ll get the most out of any system.


AVL Environments specializes in commercial grade audio, video and lighting systems primarily targeted at: Houses of Worship, Auditoriums, Meeting Spaces, Educational Venues, Audio / Video Conferencing, and Production Suites. We have targeted experience with digital networked audio systems, line array technologies, video walls, environmental projection / projection mapping, intelligent lighting / LED lighting, as well as integrated control of these systems.

We also provide services for educational classroom environments, recording studios, and high end home theater design.


AVL Environments has extensive experience in the growing trend of Video Teaching venues. In both permanent and mobile environments AVL Environments excels at implementing systems designed to meet multi-site venue needs. From streaming a basic feed to a complete virtual set model, AVL Environments can help you deliver your content simultaneously or on demand at multiple locations.